The following is the set of sentences that will be compared each day
He put the sleeping baby in the cot.
There was firing across the border last night.
Krishna has given up the post of party president.
Rohan sat under the tree gazing at the grazing cows.
Kavita Kumar was born on November fifteen.
You had better get on with the dinner.
The sheep were grazing in the meadow.
Lata is fond of Indian classical music.
i know nothing about him.
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The train is arriving at platform seven.
Don't sit in this armchair.
Our house is on the road and hence very noisy.
I went past your house last evening.
The winner was a four year old child.
I stopped at the stadium to watch a baseball game.
I sat down behind the bench in the park.
I was driving home from work when I saw her.
I asked one of the boys what the score was.
She feared he would not be chosen for the play.
Sarah is my 10 year old daughter.
She has a muscle missing in her foot.
The little girl stayed silent.
They have lots of races and other competitive events.
Will you please permit Mohan to speak.
There is a bakery,at the corner of the street.
The little boy climbed into the oldman's lap.
Jamie was trying for a part in a school play.
She came home one beautiful spring day.
The passengers are on the station.
What did you have for breakfast this morning?.
I go for a long walk every evening .
this tree is too high for me to climb.
he said that he was innocent.
Indisipline is the root cause of all evil.
finding the door unlocked, the thief entered house.
She is studying horticulture in her college.
I was very happy to receive your invitation .
Fruits are good for health.
he found a rupee, and was delighted at his good luck.
Ravi has hurt his ankle and will not be able to play today.
Today the temperature has dropped.
I may come tomorrow if I have the time.
Will you be sitting in the train at this time tomorrow.
Nothing except truth can satisfy me .
I know nothing about him except that he lives next door .
The blackboard is on the wall in front of me .
The Prime Minister is standing among the players .
The access to his house is very narrow .
I already have excess baggage , I can't buy any more.
This ticket is valid upto Delhi , you can travel further by paying the excess fare.
Excess of anything is bad .
Rani always wears a lot accessories to match her dress .
He did not lose heart even in adverse circumstances.
You must advise him to do his work.
Mr Anil gets along well with his colleagues.
He listens to your advice.
Pets are not allowed in this hotel .
Smoking and drinking are not allowed in this hall. .
Walking on these grass lawns is not allowed .
His hip-bone is affected by cancer.
The hot and humid weather has affected everybody's work.
We are not very affluent nation.
Our neighbours are living in affluence .
I was brought up in affluent circumstances.
Allow me to help you ,Sir .
Mother allowed me to spend Rs. five hundred for my birthday party .
Father permitted us to go to the movies.
Ghost are an optical illusion.
Mother reads stories aloud at bed time.
We are all ready to go .
He altered the design of the building.
The change of weather usually doesn't have any effect on me .
Sadhanaa likes dancing .
I have tried allways to learn English .
Don't walk here bare foot .
I love to see bears .
We could not bear the summer of India .
The conductor raised his baton to start the music .
The Policeman hit the crowd with his baton .
The magazine is under the dictionary.
the dog is under the table .
They married their daughter to a prince.
Rani is sitting over there among those students .
It is below my dignity to talk to me .
Rani is sitting between Kamala and Sheila .
The school principal distributed sweets among the children on Independence Day .
I was born in Islamabad, Pakistan .
In school we had to learn the canons of taxation .
I need to buy some more canvas for my painting .
give me the book and i wiil read it.
take qunine and your fever will be cured.
he is deaf but he always prenteds to hear.
give me the book and i will read it.
he has been elected the president of the party.
you have paid the bill but you will get no more credit.
let me come in, or i will break down the door.
listen and i will tell you all.
rabbit is white and fluffy.
he has injured me but i will forgive him.
i am glad that he has recovered from illness.
we can prove that the earth is round.
i have found the book that i had lost.
this is such a beautiful place.
he is more a philosopher than a poet.
it is surprising that he did not succeed.
if you do not take exercise, you will be ill.
he ran away because he was afraid.
may i accompany you.
you better finish your work first.
could you do this work alone.
drive slowly while on the road.
don't delay to post the letter.
my sister is going to the market.
mind your own business.
come soon and see that man.
let me see the movie.
be ready to face the difficulties.
think before you speak.
move ahead to the next question.
do you speak the truth.
he is not going there.
i have written a letter to my cousin.
Reena has not replied to my letter.
i was reading a book while walking.
i had not gone to the fort.
I dont feel comfortable wearing dresses made from coarse cloth.
This book is especially useful for foreign students.
He was not allowed to bring his dependants with him for two years.
There are some edible varieties of mushrooms.
I mistrust all new products advertised on television.
Mutual distrust among family members harms everybody.
My doctor has prescribed some medicines for headache.
The occupant of this berth got off the train to buy some drink.
please wait a bit for him.
Four masked men entered his house in broad daylight and took everything away.
Being selected for medical studies was the most momentous event in her life.
please come in.
it is 8 O'clock so please wake him up.
please be seated.
please sign here.
what do you want.
i want a glass of juice.
what are you drinking.
i want a glass of juice.
what are you looking.
what do you want to say.
what is your father.
he is a writer.
what is your mother.
she is house wife.
what are you doing these days.
i am studying these days.
what are you doing there.
what did you write to your brother.
i informed him about my health.
what was she doing in Bombay.
she went to Rome for a conference.
i saw a beautiful girl at the bus stop.
i will study further.
i am an Indian.
they are my relatives.
who sang the song.
who can do this work.
i can do it.
whom do you want to meet.
who is the owner of this car.
how does she go to the office.
she goes to the office by luna.
how did you return.
she goes to the office by luna.
i went to Muradabad by train.
how did you return.
i returned by train.
how was your health in Madras.
i was quite fine there.
how is your brother.
he is fine now.
i want to see your parents.
how old is your daughter.
she is fiften years old.
i do not know who he is.
which song do you prefer.
i like what you like.
which movie are you watching.
i am reading my favourite book.
which film will you see on Sunday.
by which train will you go to Meerut.
when are you coming back.
when do you revise your lesson.
when are you coming to us.
when did you meet Rina.
he was my friend, therefore i loved him.
you have done wonderfully.
Sukesh has done wonderfully.

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